About us

Revitalis Technologies Thailand Limited is based in Phuket, Thailand, promoting and providing Organic Ocean Mineral products that have been developed over 25 years. Products that are unique and exciting, nutrient enriched, completely natural and organic, having been produced over the last 7 years and originating from the purest and nutrient rich Sea Water of the coastal areas of the Andaman ea. Limitless supply of sea water and consistent conditions, underpinning the business strength and stability, as it grows from its basic product range to conceptual products that could change the future of mankind and bring positive resources to the planet that all countries could use and access.

To explain it simply, these products are not just massively nutrient enriched, but also have monatomic elements and electromagnetically charged sub-atomic particles which are essentially extracted and manipulated from the Andaman Sea. The only additive being natural spring water from a natural under-ground spring. The natural quality of the Andaman Sea guaranteeing the highest yield and quality of products when harvesting. All products tried and tested over 7 years by humans, animals and plants, with results always being nothing short of amazing.

The factory having the ability to switch easily between products from a production perspective as the manufacturing process boosts the strong commercial positive of all products come from the one base product. That being the electromagnetically charged cream, which means full production, vertical integration.

With a strong and experienced management team at Revitalis Technologies Thailand Limited, combined with advanced products that have a clear place in modern markets, there is no limit to the exponential growth potential of Revitalis products.